VNC problems with Win95/98 Workstations

Terry_Houchins/ Terry_Houchins/
Thu Nov 7 16:43:00 2002

Thanks for the reply.
Now I know I'm not going crazy and seeing things.
I'm hopeing the new version 3.3.5 has corrected the refresh problem.
It's very frustrating to have to hit the refresh over and over again to see
what you just typed.

Terry Houchins
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Fujikoki America
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Terry in Texas asked:

> Does anyone else get drops or lockups with VNC?
> It seems to only happen with Win95/98 PC's.
> It might be video card related, but not sure.
> Also I have to refresh the screen alot to get the image to show properly.

Yes. I have posted about this a couple of times recently, and found a
few similar postings, but no answers that help me; presumably it is
an uncommon problem. VNC viewer on a Win98 machine has an arrow
cursor which lags the dot cursor, often for many seconds; and the
connection invariably drops after never more than a couple of
minutes. This happens with 4 or 5 different flavours of viewer
(TightVNC, esVNC, etc.) Another Win98 machine does not have this
problem. There's a wireless network, a couple of routers, and a VPN
over ADSL involved: but this, and the wireless NICs, are common to
the good and the bad machine. Unique to the unstable machine: AMD K2
processor; ATI All-in-Wonder PRO PCI card (Mach64 RagePro chip);
Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI card. I use a wireless mouse and keyboard; but
replacing the drivers with standard PS/2 mouse and keyboard drivers,
and the display driver with standard VGA makes no difference.

best wishes,
Michael Salem
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