Where is Jeff.Koenig + mail rules

"Beerse, Corné" c.beerse@torex-hiscom.nl
Thu Nov 7 16:06:04 2002

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> From: Erik Parker [mailto:eparker@mindsec.com]
> It sucks, but it was the list configuration at fault, not 
> him. I don't like
> vacation programs at all, but a lot of people use them, and 
> some companies
> require you to use them. In the list software it specifically 
> says 'Set Reply
> to: List or poster' and next to it says "Poster strongly 
> suggested". Someone
> went against the suggestions, and is at fault.

That's not the way to stop vacation replies. I can se Jeff uses a faulty
vacation entigine for 2 reasons:

- There is no trach on the source and the reply addresses of the messages.
If it keeps track of those addresses, then the list would only see 1 (one)
vacation message.

- There is no 'this is a vacation' headerfield added. Most vacation systems
add a header like 'Precedence: junk' to indicate the message is just
informative. Most maillistengines have a filter on these headers so the list
does not see any vacation message.

For the maillist option to set the reply to the poster or to the list, I
prefer the reply to be to the list, to keep the discussion going and to also
get the answers in the archive.