VNC problems with Win95/98 Workstations

Michael Salem
Thu Nov 7 16:02:03 2002

Terry in Texas asked:

> Does anyone else get drops or lockups with VNC?
> It seems to only happen with Win95/98 PC's.
> It might be video card related, but not sure.
> Also I have to refresh the screen alot to get the image to show properly.

Yes. I have posted about this a couple of times recently, and found a 
few similar postings, but no answers that help me; presumably it is 
an uncommon problem. VNC viewer on a Win98 machine has an arrow 
cursor which lags the dot cursor, often for many seconds; and the 
connection invariably drops after never more than a couple of 
minutes. This happens with 4 or 5 different flavours of viewer 
(TightVNC, esVNC, etc.) Another Win98 machine does not have this 
problem. There's a wireless network, a couple of routers, and a VPN 
over ADSL involved: but this, and the wireless NICs, are common to 
the good and the bad machine. Unique to the unstable machine: AMD K2 
processor; ATI All-in-Wonder PRO PCI card (Mach64 RagePro chip); 
Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI card. I use a wireless mouse and keyboard; but 
replacing the drivers with standard PS/2 mouse and keyboard drivers, 
and the display driver with standard VGA makes no difference.

best wishes,
Michael Salem