Windows VNC - highlighting/selecting text

Greg Breland
Thu Nov 7 03:53:01 2002

That is interesting, I have had this exact same problem with TightVNC
and thought it was a flaw introduced at some point, but I guess this has
been around longer than I thought.

This is what I know about the problem:

1) It appears to be a flaw in the server.
2) There is some hardware based angle to this bug as it doesn't happen
on all servers even if they are running the same version of VNC
3) Sometimes the right shift will work when the left won't.
4) This is a windows problem as I have never experienced it with a Unix

Hope this helps.  Anyone know if the new version of RealVNC has this


On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 20:09, Harry Henderson wrote:
> I sent the below question about a few days ago and didn't get a single 
> response.  Was hoping someone might catch it and have a few ideas this time 
> around.  Thanks.
> >I am using the Windows VNC server (Win2k, v3.3.3r9) and a Windows client 
> >(Win98 SE).
> >
> >When regularly using Windows (no VNC) a common way to highlight/select 
> >text to copy to the clipboard using the keyboard is by holding shift and 
> >using the arrow keys to select a few characters or a few lines, etc.
> >
> >While shift works through VNC to make a letter upper-case as well as for 
> >every other purpose I have seen, it does not function in this way to 
> >highlight text.
> >
> >Has anyone else noticed this behavior, and is there a way to enable it so 
> >that I can use shift to highlight text?  If not, is there any other way to 
> >highlight text in a similar fashion without using the mouse?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Harry
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