Xvnc opening port on 6001 as X server ?

Coexec coexec@yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 01:22:00 2002

Here is what I want to have as my setup.  I was about
to call it 100% complete, then I found a snag.

I am running X with -nolisten tcp so that all X
connections are made through local sockets.  I did
this also for, startx, kdm, gdm and xdm.  I can run
the X server just fine from the console.

Then I configured XDMCP to run on and only allow
access from localhost.

I figured that this way the only open ports on the
server for X and VNC would be the standard 5900.

The only problem is that when I make the VNC
connection, port 6001 X11:1 opens up.  My guess is
that Xvnc is starting a new X server but ignoring the
"--nolisten tcp" switch used to start every other type
of X server.  Is there anyway that I can pass this
switch through Xvnc ?



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