Ctrl-Alt-Del from X to Windows

William Hooper whooper@freeshell.org
Thu Nov 7 00:24:00 2002

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Subject: Ctrl-Alt-Del from X to Windows

> I'm connecting from an vncviewer (version 1.2.2) on a Linux system to a
vncserver running on W2K.  How to I send ctrl-alt-del to the W2K system so I
can unlock the screenn?  I've done a mouse click (right and left) on the
window edge with no luck.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> - Jamie

Version 1.2.2?  I assume you are using TightVNC?

Either way, the answer is the same, use the F8 pop-up window and you should
be set:

The newest RealVNC version also lets you change what key causes the pop-up
window to appear.  I have notice, though, some window managers like to grab
the keystrokes or something so F8 might only work in full screen mode (I've
seen it on RH 7.3 and Gnome).

William Hooper

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