Windows dual graphics cards

Dave Collingwood
Wed Nov 6 23:19:00 2002

> This was discussed not that long ago (may have been on the TightVNC list
> instead of here).  In both cases the issue of keyboard/mouse control is
> the hang up.  No matter how you do it Windows will expect only on Window
> to have focus and one mouse pointer, no matter how many "physical"
> displays your desktop is stretched over.

But if you hae two VNC viewers running, on one windows machine, you can only
focus on one viewer at a time?

What I want it for is for a cheaper solution than buying a second monitor
and graphics card. Using a laptop as a second virtual screen when required.
Does anyone know of another package which would work for this (I could spare
a graphics card...), PC Anywhere? or something else?

Thx for the help