FW: kdm3 and Xvnc

Ralph Armstrong ralph@bustech.com
Wed Nov 6 21:18:01 2002


Thanks.  But it turns out that the article you reference is not the most efficient method
to do this.

The good news, however,  is that the sourcecodercorner article had notes that pointed to
another article which described how to do this in a Red Hat system.

The following article describes how to do exactly what I wanted to do.  Start a kde
environment independent of workstation (display) and then allow both the local display
(:0) and remote displays (PCs with Java) to access the already running kde desktop.



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> I am trying to autologin to a kde desktop and then share that
> desktop with a
> Windows PC using the VNC Java client. (I recognize the
> potential security issues in doing this).
> If I start RH7.3 in init 3 and manually log on I can run vncserver to
> establish a kde desktop and then run xinit to start vncviewer
> to display the desktop locally (display :0).
> The Windows PC can then use port 5801 to access the desktop
> from Internet Explorer.
> But I cannot figure out how to automatically start this
> environment without manually logging on first.

Try to figure out how the vncservice from the redhat distro works. (or not
and read on)

> It appears that in Red Hat the only way to autologin the kde
> desktop is with kdm.  Ive modified the kdm Xservers file
> (/etc/X11/xdm/Xservers) to start
> Xvnc on display 1 instead of starting X on display 0.  But
> when I do that
> kdm 3 never appears to completely initialize.  The task list shows
> kdm-config running, rather than kdm-greeting, which is
> normally what shows up once X is started.

If the origional was Xfree 4.x, move it all back and use

> Could someone please tell me how to autologin into kde with
> Xvnc?  I dont
> really need kdm.  I just need to start Xvnc (with kde) and X
> with vncviewer
> under a non-root userid without having to manually login to
> mingetty and run vncserver and xinit.

For this, you can also use
http://www.sourcecodecorner.com/articles/vnc/linux.asp (well, sort of. It's
the autologin of vnc and then a normal login.

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