Windows dual graphics cards

William Hooper
Wed Nov 6 20:46:01 2002

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> Subject: Windows dual graphics cards
> Hi all,
> Can I use the VNC server (and client, currently running 
> realVNC) on a windows 2000 machine with two graphics cards, 
> and have two different VNC windows open on the remote machine 
> for each card?


> OR
> Is it possible to have a virtual graphics card (takes me back 
> to the Amiga!) on the PC and access this via VNC, sort of a 
> cheapo second graphics card and monitor?


> Invaluable little progam, that Im trying to find many more uses for.
> Cheers
> Dave

This was discussed not that long ago (may have been on the TightVNC list
instead of here).  In both cases the issue of keyboard/mouse control is
the hang up.  No matter how you do it Windows will expect only on Window
to have focus and one mouse pointer, no matter how many "physical"
displays your desktop is stretched over.