vnc 3.3.3rx and 3.3.4 + port scan (Jeff out of the officeWe dnesday 11/6/2002) (Jeff out of the office Wednesday 11/6/2002)

Nick Palmer
Wed Nov 6 14:30:51 2002

Please, FFS, block this prawn.  Somebody.  I had about 500 of the frickin
things in my inbox this morning, and there's more coming in all the time.

Nick Palmer
IT Manager

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From: Jonathan Morton [] 
Sent: 05 November 2002 22:50
Subject: Re: vnc 3.3.3rx and 3.3.4 + port scan (Jeff out of the
officeWednesday 11/6/2002) (Jeff out of the office Wednesday 11/6/2002)

>I will be out of the office Wednesday 11/6/2002.

Oh no, not another of these.

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