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"Beerse, Corné" c.beerse@torex-hiscom.nl
Tue Nov 5 08:55:00 2002

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> From: Aaron Bruce [mailto:bassgoonist@mchsi.com]
> I am using vncserver on Red Hat linux 8.whatever is the newest. I am
> using vnc viewer on xp. When I run vnc on my linux machine I can connect
> just find to it from windows, however it will not let me run startx (my
> gui) It says something about a pam error and maybe I don't have console
> ownership. I am fairly new to linux and vnc, however I do know for a
> fact that I have console ownership when I'm logged in as root. Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.

I see you are fairly new to unix: Don't bother who has console ownership.
Better not login as root (not at all, you don't need to) If you need root
privileges, use `su ` to change to root.

For vnc on unix, there are some differences: By default, vncserver (and
Xvnc) provide a new display, they don't take-over the console display.

For a nice setup on unix, see
http://www.sourcecodecorner.com/articles/vnc/linux.asp , It provides a setup
like terminal-server on M$Windows (however, much cheaper)

To realy take-over the console, you might try
http://xf4vnc.sourceforge.net/, however, if you are not that experienced
with linux, you might ruin your system with it...