VNC Question

"Beerse, Corné"
Tue Nov 5 08:45:59 2002

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> AFAIK, there are only two or three files, and they are all 
> exclusive to VNC.
> I'm talking about vnc 3.3.9/tightvnc. I don't know what 
> version you are using.
> VNCHooks.dll
> Vncviewer.exe
> Winvnc.exe
> (some releases)omnithread_rt.dll
> I have never experienced what you describe.
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> Subject: VNC Question :VSMail MX3
> We have VNC running on our servers. We recently uninstalled 
> VNC on one of
> our servers and then reinstalled it. After the reinstall 
> other software on
> the machine stopped functioning. What files are updated, 
> changed or deleted
> during the install and removal of the VNC software?

It's also possible that this crash is due to other resources: Vncserver also
uses several tcp/ip ports: 5900 for the rfb communication, 5800 for the
webserver are well known. There are however other ports that are not so well
documented, like the one used for the listening service. It is possible your
other software uses that port and now fights with vncserver over the usage
of the port.