Access to on a local network from internet

Scott C. Best
Mon Nov 4 21:53:01 2002


	Heya. As YDG suggested, you'll need to make 5 "port
forwarding" entries into the router that's doing the IP address

1. External TCP port 5900 to your first PC's port 5900
2. External TCP port 5901 to your second PC's port 5900
3. External TCP port 5902 to your third PC's port 5900
4. External TCP port 5903 to your fourth PC's port 5900
5. External TCP port 5904 to your fifth PC's port 5900

	Then if you point a VNC viewer to your external IP
address, "Display 0" will reach your first PC, "Display 1"
will reach your second, etc.
	Hope it works for you!


> i think what you'll have to do is run the vnc server on each computer,
> but set each one to use a different port [i think this is possible]. and
> then forward the appropriate port to the corresponding internal ip. im
> assuming you're using some kind of router to share one ip with 5 computer.
> meyer christian wrote:
> > Hy all, I have a local network  with 5 computers, I will access from
> > internet using VNc on eatch computer separatly. But from internet this
> > network have only on IP.
> > How can I do ?