Help with Xvnc and keyboard mapping needed (solved)

Rudolf Kollien
Mon Nov 4 12:48:01 2002

Thanx for the hints. Now i found a solution for entering the euro currency
symbol with vnc and kde3. For anyone who encounters the same problem: There is
no need to xmodmap. KDE internal uses the xkd extensions. So it is possible to
configure all necessary things within kde. You only have to select the proper
keyboard layout in the settings menu. Under options you can find an item which
discribes the behavor of the "group switch" (the key(s), which is used to
generate additional chars). For vnc this has to be set to "Control+Alt changes
group". Most X-Server vor PC send an extra keycode for the key "AltGr". vnc maps
this to Control_L and Alt_R. The tool xkeycaps is great but seems unuseable for
vnc as the keys get completly confuse after installing a xmodmap generated by
xkeycaps. The only thing which had to be changed is the group switch key(s)
within xmodmap. But i don't know how.

BTW: If anyone out there knows how this behavor (two keys used for switching key
groups) can be configured within xmodmap, please give me a hint.


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