VNC server without viewer

Malamas Irene (mi)
Sun Nov 3 08:41:00 2002

Would love examples. Thanks for the info.


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Short answer is yes; I deploy vnc server to 2K workstation with winvnc.exe,
omnithread_rt.dll, VNCHooks.dll and zlib.dll, and use a batch file to copy
these and also merge a reg file from a station that's already set up.

I use these to push the install onto 2K and XP stations using their task
schedulers, and the service becomes available after a restart.

This ensures a consistent password.

If you want, I can provide examples.

Nick Palmer
IT Manager

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Subject: VNC server without viewer

Is it possible to install the server without the viewer or to disable the
viewer. We wish to use VNC as a Help Desk Tool by installing it on all PC's
giving it the same password. However, we do not want to give all users the
ability to access other PC's on the network. This should be limited to
support staff only who will know the password. We do not wish to give each
PC a different password as that would be difficult to maintain.
Irene Malamas
Desktop/Network Support
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