Windows VNC and selecting text

Harry Henderson
Sun Nov 3 02:16:01 2002

I am using the Windows VNC server (Win2k, v3.3.3r9) and a Windows client 
(Win98 SE).

When regularly using Windows (no VNC) a common way to highlight/select text 
to copy to the clipboard using the keyboard is by holding shift and using 
the arrow keys to select a few characters or a few lines, etc.

While shift works through VNC to make a letter upper-case as well as for 
every other purpose I have seen, it does not function in this way to 
highlight text.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior, and is there a way to enable it so 
that I can use shift to highlight text?  If not, is there any other way to 
highlight text in a similar fashion without using the mouse?