VNC info...Your connection has been rejected

Surf Jack
Sat Nov 2 00:26:00 2002

I'm a newbie to VNC and I'm having a problem
connecting to a NT 4.0 server.

We have VNC server running on the NT 4.0 server
(3.3.4).  I installed the VNC viewer with the default
settings on a W2K workstaion and a XP Professional
workstation and I recieve the same error (See subject

Just a note another co-worker has VNC viewer 3.3.3 on
their W2K Workstation and they connect fine to the
same server?

Can someone shed any light as to what maybe causing
this problem?  I looked all over the website at posts
and FAQ's but no luck.  

Also if there is additional information I can provide
to help isolate the problem please let me know.


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