How to find out what your URL is when you have a router

Daryl Boyd
Fri Nov 1 22:20:00 2002

If you are trying to find out what your IP is through a router (because 
you are using NAT or something like that)
You could also use on of the many web pages that will display the IP as 
reported to the web site.
This will not work in all cases, but should work in most cases.

One such site:

This will return your IP address, which you can then use to put together 
the URL.


John Peters wrote:

>How to find out what your URL is when you have a router
>You can log on to your router by looking up the URL in the docs.
>Type the URL number in to the address line of your browser.
>No need for any WWW or HTML stuff, just the number.
>Look through the menus for STATUS which may be under ADVANCED SETUP
>There you will see all the various numbers, including what you need to use VNC
>through the router's firewall.
>Some routers ask for a pass word, but you can leave it blank and touch LOGIN
>and it works for me.
>You also have to look for  a menu item called
>NAT and then
>In the Private IP column you put the last didgets of your local machine's URL
>which is the one seen when you float the mouse over the VNC icon.  This one
>works for lcal access but not thru a router.
>In the Private Port column you put 5900 which is from the VNC docs. Under type
>you Check TCP
>On the second line you put the same last 4 didgets of your local machine's URL
>but use 5500 as the Public Port.
>So my setup looks like this:
>Private IP           Private Port   Type   Public Port
>        5900           TCP    5900
>138.168.2 120        5500           TCP    5500
>I hope this helps, and if it does send me a note
>John A. Peters
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