local printing

Wayne Throop throopw@sheol.org
Fri Nov 1 18:08:01 2002

: Let me begin by saying that I've only been using VNC a short time, but
: love it.  I started using it in place of exceed a few weeks ago to
: connect to various Solaris boxes.  The one thing I really do miss,
: unless I've just missed it so far, is the ability to highlight some
: text in an xterm,editor,etc and print it to a local printer.  Is there
: some way to do this using VNC?? 

Assuming your local machine is windows and your remote machine
is solaris, you simply mark the text in solaris (via the usual
X method of dragging), then on your local box, pop up a notepad,
paste the text, and print it.

If your local machine is unix-like (ie, linux/bsd/solaris/gnu/whatnot),
you can arrange for a single buttonclick to do the printing part...
something like mapping a button to

      xselection -cutbuffer 0 | lpr &

I'm assuming some similar convenience could be configured in windows.

In short, the only data transfer that exists in most VNC distributions
is the transfer of the X cutbuffer and/or windows cut/paste data.
But luckily, that works out well for what you wanted to accomplish.

Wayne Throop   throopw@sheol.org