Gateway Possibilities?

Vlad Harchev
Fri Nov 1 14:52:00 2002

On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Ben Blackmore wrote:


 You are searching for a wrong solution.
 Install a port forwarding service (most often it's provided by firewalls,
e.g. winroute provides it too).

 The no-cost solution is to use datapipe:
(source here:
if you like building stuff yourself or if proxy is unix), and install it on
 You should use encrypted VNC connection or all your keystrokes would be
capturable by anybody though.
 Or use ssh port forwarding.

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> Hi,
> Is it pissible to use VNC as a gateway? Like PC Anywhere used to be able to
> (version 9 I think, they removed it from version 10)
> One of the places I work for has a proxy server, about 10 other PCs look at
> the net through this PC. Is it possible to install VNC on the server, then
> install it on the 10 other PCs behind the proxy server, and for me to be at
> home, and connect through the server, and user 1 of the 10 other PCs? I spose
> its kinda like a pass through server.
> Cheers
> Ben