multiple terminals in vnc

"Beerse, Corné"
Fri Nov 1 13:33:00 2002

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> From: Jarod Masters []
> That hack realy worked. Linking ttyp2 to tty02 showed the 
> other terminal. 
> Now I'm stuck with the grafical representation. It just 
> show's ASCII chars 
> in stead of the picture. Anybody got an idea of the grafical 
> representation 
> method to show pictures in textmode?

I think you have 2 options:
- tell your app what terminal(emulator) you are running and see if it can
co-op with that.
- find a terminal emulator that emulates the same terminal as your old one.

Start looking at the definition of the $TERM variable in the origional
terminal. If it is PC based hardware, it is most likely vt100. Then I know
there is such a thing as Xvt which can do like a vt100.

Then there are many terminal emulators, most of them are called "*term".

Then there is a little change your app just expects PC based hardware (read
VGA hardware) Then you're out of luck here.