TightVNC 1.2.3 released

Constantin Kaplinsky const "at" ce.cctpu.edu.ru
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 11:25:00 +0000


>>>>> "RAL" == Robert A LaRock <Robert> writes:

>>> TightVNC 1.2.3 has been finally released.

RAL> I have been testing TightVNC and, with one exception, it seems
RAL> good to me.

RAL> I am fond of the Win2VNC program by Fredrik Hubinette. If I use
RAL> TightVNC, closing the Win2VNC program crashes the TightVNC
RAL> server. This happens if I right click on the Win2VNC icon and
RAL> pick Exit Win2VNC or if I shut down the TightVNC client computer
RAL> with Win2VNC running. It only happens if I use TightVNC on the
RAL> server. It does not matter which version of VNC is used on the
RAL> client, but using TightVNC on the server with Win2VNC on the
RAL> client causes the problem. It's my guess that it has something to
RAL> do with the way Win2VNC disconnects from the TightVNC server.

RAL> The server computer displays a WinVNC.exe application error box
RAL> with the following details: The exception floating-point invalid
RAL> operation. (0x00000090) occurred in the application at location
RAL> 0x0040c202.

I've fixed this issue today. The problem was that win2vnc and x2vnc
requested screen updates only when a user moved to the second (vnc)
screen. If the client disconnected before receiving the first update,
that caused the problem here:

  vnclog.Print(LL_INTINFO, VNCLOG("Hextile encoder stats: dataSize=%d, "
                                  "rectangleOverhead=%d, encodedSize=%d, "
                                  "transmittedSize=%d, efficiency=%.3f\n\n"),
               dataSize, rectangleOverhead, encodedSize, transmittedSize,

When the dataSize is 0, there is a division by zero. While Visual C++
runtime does not make the program crash (is just writes something like
"efficiency=-1.#IO"), the Borland C++ runtime crashes.

RAL> I mean no offense. I think TightVNC is great. I just thought you
RAL> should know.

Thanks for the info that helped me to fix the problem. The fix will be
included into the next TightVNC release.

With Best Wishes,
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