No subject barnowl "at"
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 06:05:33 +0000

Slackware 8.0
VNC 3.3.3 unix
running -inetd

Any one seen this one before. Manually start Xvnc with vncserver every things works fine. When i try and start Xvnc via the -inetd option in inetd.conf I start getting wierd results. I have two identical lines in inted.conf that have corresponding lines in services vnc800x600 tcp/5950 and vnc1024x768 tcp/5951. I did a cut and past fo reht inetd entry so teh tow are identical( except for the vnc(hxw). On port 5950 I get simply - vncviewer: VNC server closed connection. On port 5951 iget the Greyscreen of a VNC connection but not working GXM/XDM. inetd.conf line =
vnc800x600      stream  tcp     nowait nobody   /usr/local/bin/Xvnc Xvnc -inetd -query localhost -once geometry 800x600 -depth 16

Any ideas? By the way does any know where teh -inetd puts its logs?

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