Error Reading Protocol Version

Eddie Atherton eddie_atherton "at"
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 22:04:17 +0000


I've now had this error twice in as many days.

When I try to connect to my home Win2K desktop, via SSH on a Linux box, from 
a Win2K laptop, I get the following error (vncviewer trace):

Started and Winsock (v 2) initialised
bufsize expanded to 4352
Registered connection with app
Connected to localhost port 5902
  reading 12 bytes
Error reading protocol version: `q@
Deregistered connection from app
VNC viewer closing down

If I start vncserver on the Linux box, then I can connect to that desktop OK 
from the laptop, so it looks like it's the server on the Win2K that has the 
problem.  This I confirmed the 1st time by rebooting the desktop.  After the 
reboot, I could connect again, for a while.

I've not noticed anything significant that causes this to start happening 

Any ideas what might be causing this 'version error'.


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