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Thu, 28 Mar 2002 16:28:10 +0000

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I have (just) set up COMSOCKS 3.08 and can telnet from a local client (Solaris 2.6 IPX) to
a Sun workstation at work. FTP OK also. So those fixed ports work OK

However, with rlogin, there is some other gotcha leading  to
"rlogind: Permission denied"

presumably this is due to cross checks between the Suns user authorisation.
Maybe it does some fancy things with ports.

I did RTFman page and there are allegedly port range checks but I don't know if I fall foul of those.

Any suggestions ?

thanks, Mark

(i) I'll also appreciate any clues telling me if COMSOCKS by default is supposed to run  a DNS service based upon the NT4 hosts file
     and what I need to do for it to refer unknown references upwards to DNS servers at work
(ii) likewise, will I *HAVE* to use vncserver on home Suns and Exceed X-windows on PC to ensure that there are unique ports (6001,6002 etc) for X-displays to my home network from systems at work. ...and then a local vncviewer to see them I suppose.

Slowly I am learning how to get my home network configured for all my various uses including X-windows and VNC.
I made some headway under ICS but was hit by the fact I need to have IPsec traffic
and as soon as I installed SecuRemote my network was rendered useless.

This mail-list pointed me at COMSOCKS. I Jumped in feet first with "COMTUN" version 4 beta and
that installed but had startup hurdles I couldn't overcome.
[It didn't uninstall cleanly but...] I installed COMSOCKS 3.08 plus and I made some headway.
Still confused over where DNS services should be but for now I'm playing with NAT'd ip names.
I don't know COMSOCKS well enough yet to say if it time-slices ports between clients or if
I have to draw up a rigid set of client and port mappings.

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