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Wed, 27 Mar 2002 23:19:43 +0000

Citrix-like functionality - NO.

Not that it couldn't be done (it has been done before) but there

First, you have to understand that VNC is truly a child of Unix/Linux. Unix
and Linux since the beginning have been built on the foundations of remote
use and multiple users, whereas Windows grew up as a one-PC/one-user system.

As a result, when you look at the core VNC distributions, they are a few
hundred KiB in size and easy to do compared to - Citrix, which in  its
original implementation replace something like 50 MiB of Windows files to
work.  In fact, it was so difficult to do that Microsoft actually
strong-armed the technology out of Citrix for WTS - when MS approached them
in 1997 about purchasing, they wanted $1 billion for the technology and IIRC
"settled" for $170 million. :)

There are methods of doing this.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work, and
everyone who has done so clues in on the fact that they can charge several
hundred dollars per licensed user to biiiiig corporations - so there is no
open source equivalent.

That said, there are some interesting details in the built-in resources now
that Windows has TS-like services built into all versions.  Microsoft is
already claiming that simultaneous use hacks would require multiple licenses
or be illegal. I think we are a few years away from easy multi-use
modifications of the standard Windows workstation OS though.

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> I have read the FAQ's and understand the NO multi user function, my
> questions:
> 1. Could the VNC Server Service be modified to run similar to Citrix?
> 2. Or could or are there plans to Modify the VNC server service to run off
> webbrowser, which
> might be setup to run a desktop, similar to the UROAM application.
> 3. Remote access/VPN to firewalled central networks, is a seriously costly
> venture, for windows based
> networks. My problem is that we pay so much for the internal systems and
> price's for upgrades,
> hardware, etc are getting tougher an tougher to justify.  A remote
> access/VPn system similar
> to Citrix, UROAM, or other that can run applications off a simulated
> desktop or thru a Webbrowser
> desktop would be a huge IT budget saver. The Concept you have presented
> is wonderful, just wondering
> if adaptations to it like i have mentioned above, to be distributed via
> are planned?
> thanks, Ill be catch up reading on list
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