Windows VNC

Roger Mihalko rmihalko "at"
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 19:21:56 +0000

I have read the FAQ's and understand the NO multi user function, my

1. Could the VNC Server Service be modified to run similar to Citrix?

2. Or could or are there plans to Modify the VNC server service to run off a
webbrowser, which
might be setup to run a desktop, similar to the UROAM application.

3. Remote access/VPN to firewalled central networks, is a seriously costly
venture, for windows based 
networks. My problem is that we pay so much for the internal systems and
price's for upgrades, 
hardware, etc are getting tougher an tougher to justify.  A remote
access/VPn system similar
to Citrix, UROAM, or other that can run applications off a simulated windows
desktop or thru a Webbrowser
desktop would be a huge IT budget saver. The Concept you have presented here
is wonderful, just wondering
if adaptations to it like i have mentioned above, to be distributed via GNU
are planned?  

thanks, Ill be catch up reading on list

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