Vnc connection loop-back only

Robert Smith smithr "at"
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 19:21:49 +0000

I am setting up a network of Window 2000 machines connected by WAN links and
wish to use VNC through SSH for management. I have succesfully tested the
configuration with one small problem:
using the loop-back only option results in not being able to connect.
Without this option checked everything works fine.
I am using PuTTY as a SSH client with the NetworkSimplicity SSH server. The
problem occurs with VNC 3.3.3r9 and also TightVNC. The last message from the
SSH server debug output is- debug 3: channel 1 : waiting for connection.
With successful connections (with "Allow loop-back connections" checked, but
not loop-back only) this message is followed by- debug 1 : channel 1 :
connected, and the desktop is exported to the connecting machine.
I would like to use the loop-back only option for the increased security it
offers, is there any information 
or configuration I have overlooked?

 Robert A Smith
 smithr "at"
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