VMWare and VNC: FYI, it's great!

David Coppit vnc "at" coppit.org
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:52:11 +0000

I thought I'd drop a note and thank the VNC team for providing a great
solution for a specific problem I had:

In an effort to get the best of both worlds, I run Redhat Linux in a
virtual machine inside Windows XP, the host operating system. (VMWare
provides the virtualization of the hardware, in case anyone's not
familiar with the software.)

I installed Cygwin to get bash and sshd for Windows, but was unhappy
with the X-windows solution. It was a bit of a hassle to run, and
wasn't "stateful" in that I had to log out when shutting down the X

Enter VNC: I configured by Linux desktop to be smaller in size than my
normal Windows desktop, then set up VNC to use my normal X
environment. Now all have I have to do is hit one icon, and VNC will
connect to the virtual machine, start up KDE, and present a normal X
desktop. The best thing is that I can kill the VNC window, and next
time I fire it up, I will see the exact same desktop that I had the
previous session.

So not only is VNC a good remote desktop solution, it's a good
X-server-for-virtual-os solution. :)


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