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Tue, 26 Mar 2002 13:09:30 +0000

On 25/03/2002 20:18:50 Bryan Fields wrote:
> The way I fixed this, is to put a 8255 Peripheral controller card in both
> computers, and wire one logic from each card to the other computers reset
> line.  Then you can ssh/vnc into one and reboot it proper.  If it hangs, then
> connect to the other computer and "push" the reset button for the computer
> that is locked up.

There are plenty of references on the web for this


a) see [QBasic code]
 [Turbo Pascal]
[Basic/Pascal/C or ]

b) if you do not have have ISA slots in each required computer and trip over this sort of thing:
"The PCI bus operates at 33MHz and this too fast for the 8255 chip, which functions at 5MHz."
 don't worry as there are PCI versions too...

c) find some spare time

d) map U.S. suppliers onto whatever you can get in your neck of the woods

e) build, dbeug, debug, ... and enjoy

If you feel cheated that you end up with 16 leds hidden away inside each PC where the sun doesn't shine much,
you could install a very small low-light internet camera inside each PC ...   ;-}


If you are really intimate with hardware, you will enjoy
(especially the BlueTooth reference [0077] :-}  in )'20020028988'.PGNR.&OS=DN/20020028988&RS=DN/20020028988

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