Forced Shutdown of Windows NT/2K Systems

John Roland Elliott John_Roland_Elliott "at"
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 12:56:17 +0000

Isn't anyone else at least a little disappointed with these
"shutdown-and-I-really-mean-it-this-time-comma-dammit" approaches? When
there are processes running on my machines that don't or can't honor
shutdown requests, I kinda wanna know about it.

I have some vague memory of someone mentioning services dependencies when
this topic last appeared here. Has anyone had any success specifying that
everything that the VNC service doesn't depend on depends on the VNC
service? Wouldn't this postpone VNC's shutdown as late as practical in the
shutdown sequence? Or maybe this would weave VNC too tightly into the system
tapestry for most people's tastes.

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> As a general rule, I would suggest that it is a good idea to get a
> tool installed for NT4 and Win2k, and then use that when it is necessary
> do a remote reboot - the point made earlier by Mike Miller and Tony Caduto
> about the lack of an integral tool for forcing shutdown produces
> issues with remote administration.
> (This actually reminds me of an old Mark Minasi line.  At seminars he used
> to say that you need one specific tool for remote administration of
> NT: a plane ticket.)
> I would suggest that part of the NT install/config process for
> administrators should involve adding specific small tools.  When setting
> remote control on NT 4/2000, I would suggest getting Sysinternals'
> psshutdown and putting it on the system.  It's a 14KiB free download.  URL
> for it is:
> A good general command line to use for it is:
> psshutdown -f -r -l
> *DO NOT* forget the -r.
> -f forces shutdown; -r says to reboot after shutdown; -l specifies the
> system.  It defaults to waiting 20 seconds before rebooting, and can be
> aborted via
> psshutdown -a
> I've made it a practice in the past to put a batch file with the standard
> options in my path so I could quickly access it.  On systems with
> significant resource starvation I even include a couple of preliminary
> which shut dwon the print spooler, IIS, and  any other standard
> but memory-hungry services before initiating shutdown - then *always*
> rebooted via the batch file.
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