need for SetHook

Jasmeet S. Virdi jvirdi "at"
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 10:15:32 +0000

Hi all,
    Was just going thru the WinVNC code and realised a statement which i
cudn't make much sense of, or i cud not find utility for that ..
LINE 349

if (!SetHook(
  log.Print(LL_INTERR, VNCLOG("failed to set system hooks\n"));
  // Switch on full screen polling, so they can see something, at least...

y do we really need this !!
Wud some body be kind enuf to shed some light on it !!
thanx in advance..

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Subject: Re: Where is Tightvnc 1.2.3; also, compile problems

: I found that depending on whether I was behind a firewall,
: I am accessing a cached copy of the TightVNC website.
: It might help to browse to a different page, then clear
: caches on disk and in memory.  Sometimes, not even this
: helps, presumably because some intermediate machines
: insist on serving a cached copy.  Rumour has it that
: on netscape, a shift-Reload is a request for an uncached
: copy of a page, but I also seem to recall that respecting
: that request is not an official part of any protocol standard.
: Some problems encountered compiling using
: gnu make and gnu cc on solaris 8 (sorry, I
: didn't note the particulars and the file as it was
: really late and I ended up going back to 1.2.2, so
: this is from memory).  I was compiling with
: zlib libraries.
: 1.  One of the make files has CC hardcoded to a
: nongnu compiler, I think it's /usr/ucb/cc.
: Commenting this out allowed the make file to
: inherit the gcc program path from the parent
: make file.  Otherwise, the non-gnu compiler
: chokes on syntax in one of the make files.
: 2.  In, I defined AsmDefines as null because one
: of the commands in a makefile was interpretting
: AsmDefines as a file name.  In various other *.cf
: files, AsmDefines is defined as a platform-dependent
: command line switch.
: 3.  A number of labels couldn't be found,
: referenced from 4 different *.o files within a *.a
: file.
: Sorry for the vagueness, but hopefully anyone else
: encountering these will recognize them.  Maybe even
: confirm that #2 was properly handled or not, and
: maybe even find the fix for #3.
: Fred
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