Shift key not working in combination with certain keys (Windows)

Emerick Rogul emerick "at"
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 16:20:27 +0000


I'm running VNC 3.3.3 R9 as a service on a Windows 2000 machine.
When I run the latest version of the VNC viewer on a Windows ME client
and connect to the Win2000 machine, the Shift key does not seem to
work with certain key combinations.  In particular, I can not use
Shift with the up/down arrow or pageup/pagedown (for selecting text).
I also can't seem to use Shift+Delete to delete text, although strangely,
Shift+Insert seems to work for inserting text.  Also, Shift works
with all of the number/letter keys, so I can get capitalized text.
I've tried this with both Shift keys with the same result.

Does anyone know how to fix this behavior?  I can run the VNC viewer
in the debugger on my client if that would help to debug this, but
I'm not sure what I should look for.

If anyone has any tips on this, please let me know.  Thanks very

emerick "at"
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