File Transfers...again (yet?)

Alex K. Angelopoulos alex "at"
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 00:32:49 +0000

The overall issue you bring up here is a basic part of the growth of
"maturing" products: they begin to support not functions but *tasks*.

Functionally speaking, wanting file transfer is an entirely different
ballgame from wanting remote viewing ability.  From the standpoint of
performing support, however, as you quite legitimately point out, it makes
sense to have it automatically accessible, with security and connectivity
pre-established by initiating the VNC connection.

Functionally, it is a very impure thing to do, and introduces the
possibility of all sorts of added complexity - however, from the standpoint
of integration and usability it is a crucial component.  I have spent too
many hours of time attempting to do file transfers to remote LANs to ever
disagree about this one.. ;)

Every single major remote desktop tool in at least the Windows world
includes this as a matter of course - except for Microsoft's own original TS
and if you take a look through the newsgroups for TS you will see that it is
one of the top 3 items people ask about.

Like it or not, difficult or not, sooner or later this is an issue which
must be dealt with by those of us who want to see VNC prosper.

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