TightVNC 1.2.3 released

Constantin Kaplinsky const "at" ce.cctpu.edu.ru
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 15:38:07 +0000


TightVNC 1.2.3 has been finally released. I'm sorry for the delay, but
it allowed me to fix more problems, including that zlib "double-free"

New version is available from the usual place:


Here is a brief list of changes over 1.2.2:

  - Unix and Win32 versions: zlib library was updated to the most
    recent version (1.1.4) where a potential security issue was fixed.

  - Unix and Win32 versions: fixed blocking I/O problems in built-in
    HTTP servers. Older versions had to wait while one client finishes
    his transaction, only then they served new client connections,
    thus making easy denial-of-service attacks possible (thanks to Tim
    Waugh for Xvnc patch).

  - Unix and Win32 versions: updated built-in Java viewer, see details
    below (thanks to HorizonLive, Inc.).

  - Win32 version: Added support for mouse wheel events (thanks to Ron
    Joffe). Wheel mouse support is fully compatible and interoperable
    with Unix version where this feature was available for a long

  - Win32 version (WinVNC): The -connect command-line option now
    accepts a display number after a hostname (thanks to Scott

  - Win32 version: Creating associations for .vnc files in the

  - Java viewer was GREATLY improved: the code was converted to Java
    1.1, painting techniques were re-designed completely (now the
    viewer should work in MacOS), several new parameters were added,
    all parameters were documented in the README file. Most important
    new features include: support for 24-bit colors, JPEG support in
    Tight encoding, RFB Bell message support, new "Refresh" button, a
    possibility to operate in a separate scrollable window, dynamic
    view-only mode. Many more changes were introduces, see the
    ChangeLog for more information. Please note that new Java viewer
    class names were changed, e.g. vncviewer.jar file has become
    VncViewer.jar etc.

  - Unix version: a number of changes in the vncserver script, e.g. 
    the default color depth is now 24, extra delay after Xvnc startup
    removed, font path is now configurable in the beginning of the
    script, and more.

  - Unix version: zlib library was removed from the core X sources. 
    Instead, both vncviewer and Xvnc now can use either system zlib
    and JPEG libraries, or ones packaged within TightVNC source
    archive in the lib/ directory. Unix sources are distributed in two
    versions: one with these libraries for those who don't have them
    installed in the system, and another version without libraries,
    copied directly from CVS, for those who do have zlib and/or JPEG
    libraries installed. In the former case, build procedure would
    include additional "make libs" step. System libraries will be
    linked dynamically, libraries included in the source archive will
    be linked in statically.

  - Unix version now includes comprehensive manual pages for
    vncviewer, vncserver, Xvnc, vncconnect and vncpasswd programs. The
    vncinstall script in the source distribution now accepts one more
    parameter allowing to specify where to install manual pages.

  - Unix version (Xvnc): a number of patches from Red Hat Linux vnc
    package were incorporated into the TightVNC codebase. This adds
    support for more architechtures including s390 and s390x, adds a
    possibility to use tcp_wrappers for Xvnc access control.

  - Unix version (Xvnc): several bugfixes, e.g. applied patch to fix
    crash in the code dealing with font server; fixed word alignment
    problem in raw encoder experienced by Sparc users.

  - Unix version is no more distributed as patches to a standard VNC
    release. This is because patches cannot handle changes in binary
    files and handle file removals very inefficiently.

  - Other minor fixes and cleanups.

I'd like to thank TightVNC users for their support, bug reports,
patches, ideas, and patience.

Also, I must apologize for delays with answering both personal e-mail
and messages in the mailing list, I was just too busy to respond in a
timely manner. Now, when TightVNC is released, I'll try to answer most
personal messages in next few days, but please forgive me if I
overlooked some important messages, and feel free to re-send them if
you think I really should read and respond.

With Best Wishes,
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