VNC bugtraq advisory draft 2

Constantin Kaplinsky const "at"
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 14:12:38 +0000

Hello Andrew,

>>>>> "AvdS" == Andrew van der Stock <ajv "at"> writes:

AvdS> If you
AvdS> have any comments, updates, etc, please mail me as soon as
AvdS> possible - I'll be posting this to bugtraq at first thing
AvdS> Tuesday UTC (10 am my time).

This issue is fixed in the newly released version, 1.2.3 (to be
announced within a day). The source and binary archives are available
at the usual place:

Another issue: I think it's better to replace a line

 * TightVNC 1.2.2 (both Xvnc and WinVNC)

in the advisory with something like this:

 * All TightVNC versions prior to 1.2.3

Please note that you list viewers in that list, but neither Xvnc nor
WinVNC stand for viewer parts.

With Best Wishes,
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