Server machine with 2 IP's

Kim Monberg info "at"
Sat, 23 Mar 2002 09:38:43 +0000

Hi everyone..

I have a little problem..

I have a server machine, and two clients.

One client with static LAN ip, which can connect with VNCviewer perfectly
One client with Dynamic IP, which cant connect at all.

The server has two networkingcards, and works like a gateway with 'sharing
internet connection' from MS.

With the client which can't connect at all, ive tried to connect both to the
internet and lan ip, but nothing works.

It is now like this that the client which cant connect is the most important
client, the other one is 'just' an internet machine.

Any ideas on how I get it to work? Or why it doesent work.

About making VNC adjustable to only view one selected window/program at all,
would be nice for me also..

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