Password Restriction

Chris Johansen johansen "at"
Sat, 23 Mar 2002 03:53:07 +0000

At 3/22/2002 Friday 02:11 PM -0600, Chris Icenhower wrote:
>I want to use WinVNC as a remote network utility.  I want to remotely
>access these computers without the end-user changing the settings or
>server passwords.  Is there a way to restrict the user from modify this

Chris, see "WinVNC - The Win32 VNC server" 
<>.  Find the third instance 
of "AllowProperties"; read what follows:

"If this is set to zero, the user is not allowed to view the properties 
dialog and hence cannot change any settings, including the password. Note 
that this stops all global per-user settings. A valid password must 
therefore be in force before using this setting, generally in the local 
default-user setting. Local per-user setting."

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