Multiple monitor support "snoopy;2" not working

Ullrich Fischer uf "at"
Sat, 23 Mar 2002 02:05:38 +0000

I'm using VNC successfully with a Win2000 (VNC server) system with 6 
monitors.  I can only access the first two which are on a Matrox 450 card 
so that the two monitors appear as a single window.   These monitors are 
the only ones that display the opening DOS-like stuff that appears when you 
reboot the computer.  The other monitors are also paired up on two 
additional Matrox 450 cards but are not accessible when I use the 
"computername;2" method of specifying the server name.  No matter what 
number I put after the ; , I only get access to the primary card's 
monitors.  I've tried variations on the server name specification, putting 
(in turn) a comma, dot, and full colon between the name and the window 
number, but none of these work either.   The same thing happens, ( or fails 
to happen) with win2k systems using a pair of normal single monitor 
cards.  I get access to the primary monitor only.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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