File Transfers...again (yet?)... WSFU NFS

Frank Evan Perdicaro frank "at"
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:58:29 +0000

If you need to serve files from a Windows machine, consider
the Microsoft product "Windows Services for Unix 2.0, Server for
NFS".  Given that you have an IP link to run VSS, you can 
run NFS too.  With some skill, you could set up automounting
based on user id and READ ONLY NFS volumes.

Would that do it?

I have VSS and SFU on my W2K system.  I can run both NFS and telnet.
With patience, it is possible to remote dial into W2K, open PPP, open a
telnet session, then launch VNC service, with NFS too.

One needs to be careful about too much Windows configuration with file
sharing.  For example, if you make a non-admin user have Windows shared
volumes that are also shared by Services for Macintohs, plus the
exported directory is marked for automated compression and "show
compressed directories in a different color",  multi-file drag&drop
copy from a Mac will often reboot the Windows system.  There seem to be
similar NFS interactions, but one can only stand so many reboots while
trying to figure out what is going on.

NB, Mac OSX works fine with NFS.
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