File Transfers...again (yet?)

David Milligan davidm "at"
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 21:43:19 +0000

Use SCP rather than FTP. It is secure and there are a number of freebies for
different platforms.

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> Subject: File Transfers...again (yet?)
> Folks;
>    Before I start, let me say how much I appreciate VNC and those
> here on the
> list who support it and its users. I have a small shop with mixed machines
> (Mac, Windows, linux) and it has been a godsend for us, keeping
> the number of
> monitors in the place down to managable levels. Thanks to one and all!
>    I really _hate_ to bring the topic of file transfers up again, but I'm
> hoping someone knows a bit more than I have been able to discover in the
> archives and various searches on the Net.
>    To recap the usual way this thread works, someone asks for
> file sharing,
> and the suggestions generally fall into two camps; a) use FTP
> client/servers,
> or b) buy commercial software like PC Anywhere (although in
> keeping with the
> cross-platform spirit of VNC, people should probably recommend Timbuktu
> instead). Most believe that file transfers should _not_ be
> incorporated into
> VNC, something with which I COMPLETELY agree; VNC does one task, does it
> well, and should be improved upon without feature-bloat.
>    That said, however, I _do_ have some problems with using FTP
> client/servers...primarily that they are a pain in the arse,
> waste time and
> energy particualrly for small file transfers, are insecure, and can be a
> security risk (especially if we make the reasonable assumption
> that the bulk
> of those who install and use VNC are neither programmers nor network
> administrators).
>    A routine example here is that one machine (a Win32, say) has completed
> processing and has a small binary file ready; this file needs to be
> transfered to in this example a Macintosh. So an FTP server is
> started on the
> Mac, then a DOS FTP session is started on the Windows box, a connection is
> initiated, cd commands are issued, the file is put, the
> connection is closed,
> the server is closed, and the file is now transfered. Could probably do it
> faster copying to a floppy disk and walking it across the room.
>     So my working assumption is that there should be, somewhere, a
> cross-platform peer-to-peer application for file transfers much like VNC;
> something that does a single task, does it well, and isn't bloated by
> unnecessary features. It should be cross-platform (Mac, Windows,
> un*x), and
> it should be free to the end user. (Open-source would probably be
> nice, but
> doesn't factor in at this point.) It should be simple to use,
> small, and not
> require daemons to be running external to the application itself;
> launch the
> app on two machines, use one to connect to the other via name or IP, and
> transfer away.
>    Seems so obvious that it _has_ to exist somewhere. I've spent
> a few hours
> searching around, and haven't found anything that suits the
> requirements yet.
> If anyone can supply pointers as I continue the search, I'd appreciate
> it...and I have the feeling there are many others on the list who would as
> well.
>          Charlie Summers
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