Watching video using VNC

Christopher Tesla christophert "at"
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:47:28 +0000

Thanks everyone for their responses.

I know that VNC isn't the best thing to use in this situation, but I figured
since I am using it anyway I would give it a shot.  I plan on playing around
with the Windows Media Encoder setup.

I find it very interesting that some applications bypass the system in this
way.  I assumed (incorrectly, I guess) that VNC simply shows everything that
the monitor shows.  Is this simply because that the video in application is a
hardware solution, or do other graphical systems bypass VNC?  What about
somebody playing a high-framerate FPS shooter on the machine
downstairs...would I be able to watch someone play using VNC from another
computer?  Or what about somebody playing a .MOV or .MPG file using a media
player...would VNC pick that up?

I am just trying to better understand how VNC recreates the monitor input, and
see how many unusual applications I can apply it to!!

Thanks a lot for all the replies.

Chris T
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