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Wrong use of VNC.

What you need to do is install windows media encoder on the TV Computer, and
then use windows media player on your laptop to connect to the encoder.


I only suggest this solution, cause this is the product I am aware of and is


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A recent question regarding using VNC to view streaming media caught my eye.
I have a home network with several computers.  I regularly use VNC to
machines from other machines.  Everything is W2K.
I have a computer with a video-in card that is plugged into my TV
I can run the video software and watch TV on the computer.  Sometimes I am
working upstairs on my laptop and would like to have that same function.
I use VNC to access the TV computer it works fine but the window that shows
the video signal is black.
I am assuming that VNC has trouble updating the screen fast enough to show
video signal.  I am running everything as full-duplex 100Mb on a managed
switch, so the network is screaming.  Is there any way to speed up the VNC
refresh so that I can watch real-time video on the laptop upstairs?
Just a fun question!

Chris T
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