VNC Optimization?

Kyle Yamnitz kyle "at"
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:55:35 +0000

I'm sure this has been discussed numerous times before here, but as you
know, I'm new  :)  Anyway, are there any suggestions for speeding up the
transfer?  I have a cable modem at home and whatever fat pipe Sprint has
at my work (Sprint PCS).  My cable modem is capped at 15 KB / sec upload
(as measured in CuteFTP).  

1.  I tried "Restrict Pixels to 8 bit" and that seems to help.  :)

2.  Dropping the resolution on the server would obviously help, but I
don't want to change that back and forth all the time.  Is there a way to
force the server to change resolution on connect?  

3.  I didn't try changing the encoding or Misc options on the
viewer.  Would any of those make a difference?  

4.  Are there any optimization patches or anything like that?  
Thanks in advance,
	--Kyle Yamnitz
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