Watching video using VNC

Christopher Tesla christophert "at"
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:47:50 +0000

A recent question regarding using VNC to view streaming media caught my eye.
I have a home network with several computers.  I regularly use VNC to control
machines from other machines.  Everything is W2K.
I have a computer with a video-in card that is plugged into my TV downstairs.
I can run the video software and watch TV on the computer.  Sometimes I am
working upstairs on my laptop and would like to have that same function.  When
I use VNC to access the TV computer it works fine but the window that shows
the video signal is black.
I am assuming that VNC has trouble updating the screen fast enough to show the
video signal.  I am running everything as full-duplex 100Mb on a managed
switch, so the network is screaming.  Is there any way to speed up the VNC
refresh so that I can watch real-time video on the laptop upstairs?
Just a fun question!

Chris T
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