Varying displays?

Bryan Alves fryguy "at"
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 03:54:22 +0000

say I have 2 users, fryguy and bonzo, and each one has export display=:x 
in there .xsession file.  How can I make it so that the .xsession file 
knows which display the right server is running on?

I'm having the users ssh in and running the server themselves, since I 
don't want it running all the time. so when one runs vncserver, I need 
someway to tell ~/.xsession which display they are using.

What other solutions do I have?  This isn't for a large amount of users, 
probably less than 5 and most certainly less than 10, so could it be 
possible to just deny access to vncserver and keep the necessary servers 
running all of the time? how much resources does it take up idle? and 
how much bandwidth?
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