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Wed, 20 Mar 2002 23:51:36 +0000

My ISP provides me with a home page as part of my service.  Is it possible
to use VNC to show a real time display of a windows program on my web site ?
In other words, if I run a program in windows on my PC, is it possible to
have that program window be displayed in real time on my personal web site ?
I have a cable modem internet connection and use WinME.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is this:  I run a program called
trunker.exe, which is used to show a live display of the frequency activity
on a trunked radio system.  I'd like to set it up so that while running the
program, the window it runs in can be broadcasted over the internet on my
web site, so that someone can log onto my personal home page and see a real
time display of this program while it runs on my computer.

Can this be done with VNC ?  If not, is there any other way it can be done ?
Thanks !!

Ben Everett.
trnktrkr "at"
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