VNC through port 80? - having problems

Kyle Yamnitz - Owner Kyle "at"
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 02:51:12 +0000

>Yah, I didn't realize he was suggesting putting the VNC server on port
>80 and accessing with the client.  That is cool though.  As for the 100
>ports apart, the applet allows you to specify a port for the server, at
>least the version that I have.  Wouldn't be too difficult to have the
>server listen on a port, say 10 above the server and adjust the web
>server accordingly.  It would require a hack to the source code though.

Hi All,
         Well, I'll be testing tomorrow with Alex's trick.  A friend of 
mine locally can connect this way.  I'm afraid it won't work at work 
though, and here's the reason.  At work, Internet Explorer uses a proxy 
address to get access to the Net.  Since I don't have a way of specifying 
that proxy address in the VNC viewer, is it at all possible to get this to 
work?  I'm no expert, so I don't know if that makes sense or not.  I can 
use stand alone programs at work for FTP, SSH, etc. though so I'm going to 
try ports 21 and 23.  A friend was able to connect to my computer this way 
(for port 21 I set the server to -5879 and the viewer to -5879 and it 
worked; -5877 for port 23).
         Another idea (and probably ideal) would be to set the web server 
portion to port 80 and the VNC portion to another open port (21, 23, etc.) 
and then I could get in through a web browser for sure (or I would think) 
since both would be open ports and it's using the proxy at my work...  Too 
bad I have no idea how to set that up  :(  I'll let you know how this works 
out tomorrow.  Thanks for all the help,
	--Kyle Yamnitz
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