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> That is correct, but as we know, the DHCP MAY change at the most
> inconvienient times.  You can set up your DHCP server to assign

That's not true! IF a DHCP server has leased an IP address to an other
machine, there is a lease time and a lease period. During the lease time,
the client can alwasy extend the lease with the lease period. The DHCP
server must accept this extend. Hence: once you got an IP address, you can
use it forever as long as you keep extending the lease within the lease

> addresses only within a certain range and then fix the IP of the VNC
> server outside of that range.  For instance, my network topology looks
> like this:
> Other network systems:
> Router:
> DHCP: -
> VNC Server:
> IP Address:
> Gateway:
> DNS:		 The DNS for your ISP.
> This always works if you have access to your DHCP configuration.  If
> not, well then there is nothing you can do.
> Also, if your DHCP is due to your ISP on some sort of Broadband
> connection, then I suggest TZO (, they will fix an IP
> Address to an ISP's DHCP.  But make sure that you have some sort of
> firewall in place.
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