VNC through port 80? - having problems

Kyle Yamnitz kyle "at"
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:49:59 +0000

Greetings all,
        I'm trying to get VNC working on my home computer (has a LinkSys
firewall) so I can access it from my work computer (behind Sprint PCS
firewall / proxy).  The default port won't work because it's
blocked.  Trying the 5800 port with the default web server in VNC doesn't
work either (through a web browser as ip:5800).  From what I undertand, I
have to get the default web server working on port 80 to be able to access
through my work's firewall.  Then I should be able to access my computer
through a web browser.   Can anyone explain how to do this?  
        I have my home router properly forwarding ports 80, 5800, 5900,
etc. to the box I am trying to reach.  I understand networking basics, but
I don't have the capability of compiling Java code, etc.  
        I've read the info on viewing in a web browser at the bottom of
the getting started page:
and the info about running on port 80 in the FAQ:
but neither of these have worked for me...  

        A big thanks in advance to anyone that can help me with
this!  Take care,
	--Kyle Yamnitz
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